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Mentoring For Greatness

Your gifts, both large and small, helps us to achieve our mission of helping others.   Please consider making a donation no matter the size.


Mentoring is an effective tool to address the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of a child: enhancing their self-esteem, confidence, communication, academic performance and conflict resolution skills.

Our C.A.T.A.L.Y.S.T. Mentoring Program was established in 2010 to help address a need in our schools. Seventy-six percent (76%) of the students are being raised in single female head of households, 86% of the schools are Title 1 and chronic absenteeism is a problem. We believe  that starting the mentoring process early in elementary school and building a strong mentor-mentee bond is our best chance of teaching children to stay focus on their education overcome life challenges.

C.A.T.A.L.Y.S.T. is now in 35 of the 72 schools in our county and serves grades 3-12.  There are 63,000 students in Volusia County Schools.  Our goal is to serve 10% of these children.  To achieve this goal we need more mentors.  Please join us in this mission by becoming a Mentor

We know that poverty is a major contributing factor to poor housing, health, education, nutrition, crime, violence, mental disease, gangs, and the list goes on. Many children have overcome the effects of poverty and succeeded because of an adult who cared enough to make a difference in their lives i.e., a teacher, police officer, a foster parent, grandmother, or a program volunteer. This is a mentor, simply a caring adult in a child’s life who builds a relationship with them which keeps the child focused, allowing them to avoid crime, drug use, teen pregnancy, and gang activity. It also increases the rate of graduation and college attendance.

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